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10 Country with The largest Muslim population in the world

Here is a list of top 10 countries with the largest Muslim population in the world :

1. Indonesia : 182,570,000 people 

Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world. Although 88% of the population are Muslims, but Indonesia is not an Islamic state. Muslims in Indonesia are also known moderate and tolerant. In the year 30 Hijri or 651 AD, 20 years ago of the death of the Prophet Muhammad, the Caliph Uthman ibn Affan sent a delegation to China to introduce The Islamic Daula, who had recently stood. In a journey that took four years, the delegates of Uthmans had stopped at the Islands of the archipelago (a.k.a Indonesia now). Several years later, exactly the year AD 674, Umayyad Dynasty has established trade base on the west coast of Sumatra of Indonesia. This is the first introduction of Indonesia's people to Islam. Since then, the Sailors and Muslim Merchants continued to arrive, century after century. They buy local produce from this country while preaching.

2. Pakistan : 134,480,000 people

Pakistan is a country located in South Asia. With more than 150 million inhabitants. Pakistan name taken from the prefix area of Punjab, Afghan, Kashmir, Sind and Baluchistan. Meanwhile, in the Persian Pak means pure, and Stan means the state, so that the founders of Pakistan expect the birth of the holy country according to the Islamicteachings.

3. India: 121 million people

Islam is the second largest religion after the second, Hinduism in India (80.5%). There are approximately 174 million Muslims, 16.4% of the population. 

Since the introduction of Islam into India, Islam has made ​​major contributions in the field of religion, art,philosophy, culture, society and politics to history, heritage and life of India.

4. Bangladesh: 114,080,000 people 

Islam is the largest religion in Bangladesh, the Muslim population of more than 130million and almost 88% of the total population, according to census 2001.
Islam came to Bengali region since the 13th century, especially, by the arrival of Arab traders.

5. Turkey: 65,510,000 people 

Local Modern Turkey has a long Islam tradition and the rich from the beginning of the tribe Seljuk era to Empire of Uthmaniyyah. Turkey can be said is the center of cultureand history of Muslims in the Middle Ages.

6. Iran: 62,430,000 people 

Iran's early history is not free from the influence of the kingdoms that have similarities inculture and language in the Persian region. At that time, these countries are ruled by the Empire such as Media and Achaemenid Empire. Sassanid is the last Persian Empire, before the arrival of Islam. Then, the Persians joined the majority of early Islamic Caliphate. Even the Iran became the Center of culture and Islam Caliphate at the time.

7. Egypt: 58,630,000 people 

Islam touched parts of Egypt, in 628 AD. When, the Prophet sent a letter to Governor of Mukaukis under Roman rule, invited to convert to Islam. Apostle even married the girl of Egypt, Maria. In 639 AD, when Islam under the leadership of Umar ibn Khattab 3000 people of Amr bin Ash's army sent into Egypt and later reinforced army of Awwam bin Zubair 4,000 people. Mukaukis supported Kopti church signed a peace treaty. Since then, Egypt became Islam territory. In the reign of the Umayyad to the Abbasid, Egypt has become one of theprovince. Caliph Muiz, built the Great Mosque of Al-Azhar (from "Al-Zahra ", a nicknameFatimah) who completed on 17 Ramadan 359 Hijri or 970 AD. This mosque which later evolved into Al-Azhar University today, which is also the oldest university in the world today.

8. Nigeria: 53,000,000 people 

Islam professed by 50% of the total population of Nigeria. The spread of Islam in Nigeriais divided into three periods, namely: the period of the Trans-Saharan and North Africa,the Atlantic period and the period of independence. In addition to trade, Muslim tradersintroduced Islam's primary mission, namely to develop peace, justice and prosperity.


9. Algeria (Algerian): 30,530,000 persons 

Islam was first brought to Algeria by the Umayyad dynasty after the invasion of Uqba ibn Nafi, the protracted process of conquest and conversion that stretches 670-711.

10. Morocco: 28,780,000 people 
Morocco has become a land Islam more than 13 centuries ago. The Book ofAl-Jurumiah and Ibn Battuta comes from here. Maghreb Affairs (Arabic: west), that's thenickname of Morocco. Country located in Africa is indeed located at the corner in the black continent, bordered by the Atlantic ocean. The mention of the Arab Maghreb, based on the paradigm, because the Moroccan Islam areas of Africa including the ethnic Arab majority as Egypt, Libya, and Algeria. Modern Morocco in the 7th century AD is an area of ​​Berbers, who later influenced byArabic. The Arabs who came to Morocco to bring customs, culture and Islam teachings.Since then, the barbarians were many who embraced the teachings Islam.

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